(Anti-)Capitalism and the Struggle against Oppression – Dialogues on the Radical Imagination, 2 of 3


7:30pm, Thursday April 7 2011

Venue: The Bus Stop Theatre
Address: 2203 Gottingen St.
Cost: Free

Crisis. Bailout. Austerity.

The political situation today has led many to ask if the system is fundamentally broken. Do we need to imagine a society beyond capitalism, for Nova Scotia and the World?

While many would like to see a new system based on equality, fairness and ecological sustainability, how can we get there?

Movements for social transformation in the past have been plagued by oppression and inequality within their ranks. Women, people of colour, indigenous people, queer and trans folks and many others have found the same prejudice and ignorance in radical social movements as in society at large.

How is fighting oppression central to anti-capitalist struggles?

How is an anti-capitalist orientation important for struggles beyond oppression?

Do we all share a common oppression under capitalism?

Can we hope to build a better world without first challenging our own behaviour and priorities?

Can racism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism and other modes of oppression be overcome within the capitalist system?