Resistance in the Time of Trump: A Public Discussion

RITTFBWhat does the election of Donald Trump, and the accompanying rightwing populist upsurge, mean for social justice and basic democratic rights? While many feel shocked and frightened by this “exceptional” moment, context is necessary to understand it. White supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, settler-colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism have deep roots that grew long before Trump — in Canada as well as in the US. How can we critically understand and resist these toxic dynamics? How can we build alternatives to them right now in our own communities?

Please join a public discussion about moving beyond both the fascist “alt-right” and a bankrupt (neo)liberalism, toward a collectively liberated society with justice and democracy for all.

Free entry! Free pizza! Childcare provided on-site.

Co-sponsored by the Radical Imagination Project and Fernwood Publishing