“What is the Radical Imagination?” a special issue of Affinities

We have co-edited a special issue of the journal Affinities on the question What is the Radical Imagination?Here is the Table of Contents:


What is the radical imagination? A Special Issue
Max Haiven, Alex Khasnabish

Interventions: Struggles

Precariousness, Catastrophe and Challenging the Blackmail of the Imagination
Franco BIFO Berardi

What is Radical Imagination? Indigenous Struggles in Canada
Taiaiake Alfred

Commodity Feminism and the Unilever Corporation: Or, How the Corporate Imagination Appropriates Feminism
Julie E. Dowsett

Unfixing Imaginings of the City: Art, Gentrification, and Cultures of Surveillance
Phanuel Antwi, Amber Dean

Interventions: Provocations

Other Presents: Imagining the Human and Beyond
Larissa Lai

The Uneven Development of Radical Imagination
Justin Paulson

A Radical and Elitist Imagination? Political Paternities and Alternatives in the History of Ideas
Chris Churchill

A few notes on the question, what is radical imagination?
Petra Rethmann

Dancing Through the Crisis
Randy Martin

Interventions: Openings

Anarchist Imaginaries
Allan Antliff

Re-Imagining Revolution
Judy Rebick

Giant Whispers: Narrative Power, Radical Imagination and a Future Worth Fighting For…
Patrick Reinsborough

Place against Empire: Understanding Indigenous Anti-Colonialism
Glen Coulthard

Peer Reviewed Articles

Beyond Protest: Radical Imagination and the Global Justice Movement
Rachel Elaine Strasinger

Participatory Budgeting and the Radical Imagination: In Europe but not in Canada?
Terry Maley

The Disruptive Time of the Gift: (Radical) Imagination at Work in Free and Open Source Software
Michael Truscello