Trade for Change: Radical Skill-Building Workshops for All!


We at the Radical Imagination Project are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Trade School Halifax: Trade for Change, a series of workshops offered by and for activists and organizers in Halifax to help spread knowledge and skills towards radical social change.

From direct action training to media relations, from graphic design to conflict resolution, this series of workshops aim to build our capacities as a community to struggle for a better world together. We want it to be a platform to share skills, knowledge and passions between organizations and across generations.

Our first two workshops are:

All workshops are free. In keeping with Trade School’s approach, workshop leaders will not be remunerated with money but must request goods or services as barter (trade school, get it?). In this way, we want to honour and value the knowledge we share without relying on the capitalist economy. Participants will be asked to bring workshop materials and a specified gift for the workshop leader.

To learn more about upcoming workshops, visit our events page at

or our Facebook events page at

or the Trade School Halifax page at

If you would like to request or offer a workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact us.